16 Easy & Basic Spanish Words Your Kids Need to Know

Everyone wants to be able to talk about themselves, right? To do that, your kids need to learn these easy & basic Spanish words – adjectives!

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How to Learn 16 Basic Spanish Words Easily

With actions and a conversation!

Click the link for this video because your kids can learn these 16 adjectives:

  • alto/a – tall
  • bajo/a – short
  • delgado/a – thin
  • gordo/a* – fat; chubby
  • perezoso/a – lazy
  • trabajador/a – hard-working
  • atlético/a – athletic
  • simpático/a – nice
  • antipático/a – mean
  • guapo/a – handsome
  • bonita – pretty
  • feo/a – ugly
  • inteligente – smart; intelligent
  • tonto/a – dumb; silly
  • cómico/a – funny
  • serio/a – serious

*This doesn’t have to be rude. The word “fat” is only considered offensive in US culture, not Hispanic culture.

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First Part of Video: Learn Basic Spanish Words with Actions

The first part of the video has actions for your kids and me to do together. I also have the Spanish and English words on the screen for easy understanding.

Second Part of Video: Easy Conversation

After the actions, your kids and I will have an easy conversation so they can describe themselves in complete sentences using the verb ser (to be).

I give an example with soy (I am) and one of the adjectives and then ask your kids if they are that adjective using eres (are you). There are prompts on the screen to help them.

Not only will they be able to talk about themselves, they’ll be able to say what other people are. If your kids are like mine, they’ll immediately start insulting each other in Spanish. 🙄 😂

So click the link (or video above) and have your kids easily learn 16 basic Spanish words to describe themselves and others!

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