3 Free Veo Veo Printables to Beat Boredom and Learn Spanish ๐Ÿ”Ž

Are you looking for ways to entertain your kids while traveling that donโ€™t include screens? If so, these Veo Veo activities are a perfect choice! Your kids can learn (or practice) Spanish with actual language kids need.

<cue the voice of a 90-year-old ๐Ÿ‘ต> When I was a kid, we didnโ€™t have screens when we took 2-day road trips from Seattle to San Francisco. We didnโ€™t have seatbelts on either, though. Lol

We had a huge station wagon, and my mom would fold down all of the seats and put a bunch of toys in the back so my brother and I could keep ourselves entertained during that long, boring drive on I-5.

Now that we all travel more safely with seatbelts, I am grateful for screens. My kids and I take that trip on 1-5 every few summers and knowing the kids can watch movies, listen to music, or play games while Iโ€™m driving has been a lifesaver. I can listen to whatever I want to without complaints and donโ€™t have to referee arguments. ๐Ÿ™Œ

pin of free I spy in Spanish activities - veo veo printables

Free Spanish Game: Veo Veo

But I miss some of the games my brother and I used to play when traveling like the alphabet game and travel bingo. I know I Spy is another activity a lot of people do, but I donโ€™t remember the I Spy books being very popular (maybe not even published yet? ๐Ÿ˜‚) when we were kids.

I thought that activity would be easy and fun to do while traveling, though, so I created some free Veo Veo (or I Spy) printables.  

Who Can Use These? (Hint: Everyone!)

I designed these Veo Veo printables with travel vocabulary. These are a good way to build vocabulary in Spanish while having fun. And you donโ€™t need to know Spanish to use them! I created a picture dictionary with all of the words and have a recording with the pronunciation for each word. ๐ŸŽง

This is the picture dictionary for the words on the Veo Veo pages. You can scan the QR code or click on the link in the PDF to hear the pronunciation for each word.

Listening to the vocabulary on the picture dictionary page and then reading the vocabulary while doing the activities are the best way to learn Spanish and make sure it will stick over time, so this is a perfect way to introduce your kids to Spanish (even if they havenโ€™t seen or heard Spanish before). If your kids already know Spanish, these are a terrific way to practice Spanish.

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Whatโ€™s Included

Besides the picture dictionary, there are 3 pages of printables based on these three themes: transportataion, the airport, and the beach. The printables are in black and white so kids can color them first and then complete the Veo Veo activity looking for how many of each item on the list there are.

This is the Veo Veo activity for at the beach.

Not Just for Travel

Not traveling? These can be great for at home too! These would be a fantastic addition for morning baskets if youโ€™re homeschooling, for a rainy-day activity, or if you hear the dreaded words, โ€œIโ€™m boooored.โ€

Some of my best travel memories include playing road trip games like travel Bingo and the alphabet game with my brother. Grab these Veo Veo printables to entertain your kids without screens whether youโ€™re traveling or are at home and learn some Spanish vocabulary!

Whatโ€™s your favorite travel memory? Tell me in the comments!

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