4 of the Best Activities to Learn Spanish Colors Easily

What does a unicorn, a cupcake, and rainbows have in common? They make the best Spanish colors activity! If you want an easy way to start teaching your kids Spanish, then you have to check out these free printables! One of which has the unicorn, cupcake, and rainbows. 🦄🧁🌈

Spanish Colors Activity Pack

Colors are one of the first things I taught my kids and one of the first things we teach our Spanish 1 students. It’s an easy way to introduce kids to Spanish, and it’s useful vocabulary to know. It’s fun to see kids who don’t know any Spanish yet learn the colors because it gives them a feeling of success with Spanish which helps motivate them to keep going.

I created four Spanish colors printables to learn the basic colors in Spanish: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, grey, and pink. By the time your kids have completed the activities, they will have heard and read these colors a lot and should be able to at least understand them.

Then they can play this game to keep practicing:

A little more repetition is probably needed to be able to speak with them. If you haven’t done the activities in my other colors in Spanish post, check them out!

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The printables in this post include both listening and reading activities which are necessary for learning (or more accurately acquiring) Spanish. You can just memorize this vocabulary with flashcards of course, but why do that when you can you do fun listening and reading activities! I included a variety of activities to keep kids interested while they’re learning.

picture of spanish colors matching activity
This is the first activity completing the sentence with the correct color. There is a QR code in the corner that can easily be scanned for the listening practice.

The activities include coloring since that is a great way to provide a visual with each Spanish color. I have included a vocabulary sheet with listening for pronunciation. Just scan the QR code or click on the link and you can hear each word pronounced. Please do this if you are brand new to Spanish! It’s very important to know the pronunciation before reading since some Spanish letters have different pronunciations than English.

picture of spanish colors listening activity
This is the second activity which is a listening activity using the circles as manipulatives.

The first activity is a listening and reading activity to choose the color that describes the picture. Again, if you and your kids are new to Spanish, please listen to the recording first. There is a QR code so you can easily scan it with your phone or tablet, or you can click the link.

The second activity is a listening activity with manipulatives – great for kids who learn while being active! Kids color in the circles, cut them out, and listen to the recording to mix the colors into new colors.

picture of a spanish colors free printable with a rainbow
This is the third activity. After coloring all the parts on the page with the corresponding color, kids can cut out the pieces and put them together as a rainbow.

The third activity is a reading activity with manipulatives. The reading is super simple because they are only reading one word – the Spanish color – but it’s still reading! Once kids color each piece on the paper according to the label, they then cut out each piece, and put it together to make a rainbow.

picture of rainbow to practice spanish colors
This is the final produce for the third activity. I hung it on our fridge with the cutest magnet Aidan made me for mother’s day when he was in first grade.

The fourth activity is my favorite! It’s a maze with the cutest clipart for a unicorn! Kids help the unicorn get to the cupcake by coloring the spaces in the maze in the order of the colors in the rainbow.

picture of spanish colors reading activity
I love the unicorn clipart from Jen Hart Design! This is a maze and the answer key for the activity.

When my kids and I were coloring these activities, it was super relaxing. Lol I always see adult coloring books in the checkout line at the supermarket and always thought it was silly. Apparently not! I’m a facts and data geek 🤓 and researched if coloring to relax is a real thing. It is: coloring can actually relax the brain! That’s an awesome bonus in addition to learning Spanish! 💯

Whether your kids already know Spanish colors or you’re looking for an easy way to introduce them to Spanish, these fun activities will give your kids lots of opportunities to practice the colors in Spanish. Easily learning this vocabulary will give your kids confidence so they will want to learn more. Download the free printables and start learning today!

P.S. Are you looking for a quick and fun way to help your kids start learning Spanish? If so, check out my free Spanish for Kids Starter Guide! You can immediately use any of the 9 simple tips to introduce your kids to Spanish. Know what the best part is? You don’t have to know Spanish to use it!

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