Use These 5 Free Coloring Sheets in Spanish to Help Your Kids Learn Fun Vocabulary

These 5 free coloring sheets in Spanish + video showing how to draw and color 2 Squishmallows teach your kids the must-know verb hay (there is / there are) to help your kids speak Spanish.

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5 FREE Coloring Sheets in Spanish + a Video with Fun & Useful Vocabulary

I’d never heard of Squishmallows before like 5 minutes ago, but when I did I thought it was a new kind of marshmallow. Like the gourmet ones from Hammonds. (not a fan BTW)

And now? All I see are Squishmallows. Real-life Squishmallows in my kids’ rooms. A bazillion Squishmallow coloring pages on my Pinterest home page. How to draw Squishmallows on my YouTube home page. 

Has that happened to you? You’ve never heard of something and then all of the sudden it’s *everywhere*.

They are cute, and when I saw the video for how to draw zoo animal versions of them, I thought coloring pages and drawing these would be fun.

Cute & Free Coloring Sheets in Spanish with Squishmallow Forest Animals

Click the link above or the image for these free coloring sheets in Spanish because they’ll learn Spanish words for forest animals with a fun activity:

🦌 el venado 

🐻 el oso

🦨 el zorro 

image of one of the free coloring sheets in Spanish

Plus, there are sentences in Spanish on each page:

Hay cuatro animales. There are 4 animals. 

Hay un venado. There’s a deer.

Hay un oso. There’s a bear.

Hay un zorro. There’s a fox.

Hay un búho. There’s an owl.

(Hay is pronounced like the letter “i” in English. Or “eye” like 👁.) 

I included hay on the coloring pages so your kids can see complete sentences which’ll help them talk to others better. Plus, since they’re reading and in Spanish, this can help stop summer slide! 

Videos in Spanish to Help Your Kids Learn Important Words

If your kids like to draw, then click the link for this video because your kids can draw & color 2 Squishmallow forest animals with me: a bear and a deer and learn the important verb hago.

Hago means “I make / I’m making / I do / I’m doing.” It’s #5 on the top ten list of most common verbs aka a must-know so your kids can talk to people in Spanish.

GIF with images from a live Spanish class to create a mythical creature

There are 3 other videos in this drawing series. If you missed them, click the images below because your kids can learn:

👉 Hago

👉 Sight words 

👉 Food and nature vocabulary

Plus, you’ll get at least an hour of peace & quiet while your kids draw and color. And that’s priceless. 

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Whether your kids just like to color or like to draw & color, these fun Spanish activities can help your kids start learning Spanish without even knowing they’re learning. For your kids who just like to color, click the link and download these free coloring sheets in Spanish for your kids today or save them for a rainy day. If your kids like to draw & color, click the links for the videos and see them having fun while learning important Spanish words!

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