5 Free Winter Worksheets to Boost Your Spanish Vocabulary ❄️

Did you know at least 1 septillion ice crystals fall from the sky in the US every year (or that septillion is a word!?)? Use these Spanish winter worksheets to have fun and learn Spanish – whether or not you have snow! 🌨️

Spanish Winter Worksheets Pack

Even if 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (also known as 1 septillion) ice crystals haven’t covered your area in snow, you can still do two of these activities anytime.

I love being able to give my kids Spanish in context, so when I woke up to 10 inches of snow 🌨️(which is not the norm in the Seattle area) I knew I needed to create fun things to do with the kids and be able to practice Spanish at the same time. Context and visuals help give meaning to the words which increases understanding (a necessary part of acquiring language).

pin for 5 Spanish winter activities for kids

The activities are in Spanish and English and have audio recordings 🎧 so anyone can use them right away. If kids are older, they can start doing the activities on their own. Although, I had fun doing them with Aidan, so they are also a fun way to spend time with your kids.

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The first two pages of these Spanish winter worksheets is to practice body parts in Spanish. ⛄ The snowman parts and the Spanish/English labels are on p. 2. I cut them out and then we colored. Not great – I definitely recommend coloring and then cutting out the pieces.

picture of spanish winter worksheets with snowman and body parts
Aidan’s super depressed snowman. I was impressed with the amount of emotion he showed with a pretty basic illustration.

There is a snowy background on p. 3 for kids to put their snowmen together and label. Aidan put together the most depressing snowman I’ve ever seen! I asked him if he needed to see a therapist. I think he was offended; he said, “NO, I’m just making it funny.” 🤔😂

picture of activities in winter
This is a coloring page and reading activity. Kids can circle the answers of the things they do when it snows.

The second activity has commonly used Spanish verbs to describe things kids like to do when it’s snowing. This page is great practice if you’ve been completing my other lessons. No worries if you haven’t because everything is in English too! This is a coloring page and then kids can circle the answers that are true for them.

The third activity is my favorite – a snow cone recipe that you make with real snow! 🍧 I first started making these when the kids were a lot younger. I wanted to make snow cones with Torani syrup the first time I thought of this, but my raspberry syrup had long expired and was gross.

picture of snow cone with real snow
The kids love these snow cones!

We always have Kool-Aid and Crystal Light single serve packets, so I put a packet of fruit punch into about ¼ c. of water so the powder would dissolve but the flavor would be concentrated. I poured it over the snow, and it totally worked! 🙌

For the pictures, I put the liquid and glasses in the fridge for awhile to make sure they were really cold to keep the snow from melting so I could take pictures. Normally, I just pour the room temperature liquid over the snow, and it’s fine. But if I remember next time, I’m going to make the liquid ahead of time and put it in the fridge for a while.

The fourth activity is an outdoor scavenger hunt looking for things related to snow and cold days. Normally, I love going outside when it snows and making snowmen with the boys and sledding at least a couple of times.

selfie with a snowman for the spanish winter scavenger hunt
This is our selfie with a snowman for the scavenger hunt.

This year, I was meh about going outside. I was very happy sitting inside reading and drinking hot beverages. But Aidan wanted me to come outside to make a snowman with him since that is one of our traditions.

picture of snowflakes for Spanish winter scavenger hunt
I had black mittens on so the snowflakes really stand out. This is one of the items on the scavenger hunt.

After I finished helping him get rocks and sticks to make the face and arms, I started thinking of things to look for in a scavenger hunt. He helped me find the things, and we took pictures. This was fun to do together especially the selfie with the snowman. You and your kids can either just check the things off the list as you go (after the selfie with the snowman) or take pictures of the things on the list like we did.

The fifth (and last) activity is collecting weather data. 🌡️ 📊 For this snowstorm, we had 10 inches the first day. That’s a lot for us, and it was only 26 degrees when I woke up. I don’t think it went higher than 30 degrees the whole day.

picture of lots of snow
Our snowfall for the first day.

Those are not normal numbers for our area, so I made a worksheet to show the number of inches and degrees for one snow day and then the average inches of snow and degrees for that date. I couldn’t find info for February 13th specifically (granted I didn’t look too long), so I just used the averages for February. Just like the other pages, everything has the English translation.

picture of weather data for spanish winter activity
This is our winter data.

These Spanish and English winter worksheets can help anyone start learning Spanish. The audio will help you with the pronunciation of the words, and the variety of activities will help your kids be engaged. Download the printables and start learning Spanish today!

What’s your favorite outdoor activity? Tell me in the comments below!

And if you know anyone who wants to do fun winter worksheets with their kids, please share with the buttons on the left!

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