What Is The Best Spanish Resource To Learn Spanish For Free?

If you’ve been wondering what the best Spanish resource to learn Spanish free is, then good news…there’s more than one! And you can easily start using them today (even if you don’t know Spanish) to help your kids start speaking Spanish!

So What Is the Best Spanish Resource to Learn Spanish?

Any listening or reading activity in Spanish that your kids will understand is the best Spanish resource. Your kids understanding what they are listening to or reading is the first key to your kids learning Spanish. 

(Read more about the 3 simple keys to learning Spanish here.)

Keep reading for a list of engaging listening and reading activities below that your kids will understand! 

Best Spanish Resource List with Free Examples

Each of the 13 activities below are an example of the best Spanish resource to learn Spanish that your kids can use at home for free. 

1.     Learn Greetings with Actions

Click the link for this video because your kids can learn how to say greetings and farewells in Spanish using actions! These are the beginnings for every polite conversation. 

2.     Learn Emotions with Actions

Click the link because your kids can learn emotions which are an important part of continuing a conversation after greetings.

3.     Descriptive Words with Actions

In this video, your kids and I learn the most common descriptive words with actions first. Then we talk about ourselves using the verb ser (to be). 

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4.     Memory & Odd One Out to Learn Weather

Your kids and I can play these 2 games to learn weather phrases and clothing. 

5.     Weather & Clothing Coloring Pages

Click the coloring pages or button below to keep practicing weather and clothing.

image of a weather coloring page
image with 4 pictures of weather with Spanish & English phrases
coloring page with clothing is one example of best Spanish resource to learn Spanish

6.     Clothing Conversation

In this interactive video, your kids and I have a conversation to talk about what clothes to wear with different types of weather.

7.     Rainbow Rock Painting Craft

Your kids can practice colors in Spanish with this video but also learn important verbs so they can speak in full sentences. 

8.     Movie Talk with Gus, el gato

What kid doesn’t love watching a cute cat play? 

Click the link for this video because your kids can watch Gus, el gato play with a toy while they learn must-know Spanish vocabulary. 

Kids listen to my description of Gus playing and answer questions I ask. Watching the action I’m describing and having the Spanish & English vocabulary on the screen makes this easy to understand.

9.     Family Video & Funsheets

Learn family vocabulary with this video and then keep practicing with the coloring pages!

image of coloring page with roblox family
coloring page with family in Spanish

10.  Animated Story

Your kids will be entertained with this animated story about a boy named Marco while learning easy Spanish vocabulary. Pictures and captions make this easy to understand.

11.  Virtual Field Trip to the Forest

Your kids take a virtual field trip to the forest with me to learn forest animals and other forest words in Spanish. This interactive video is easy to understand with pictures and captions.

12.  Squishmallow Coloring Pages

Keep practicing some forest animals with these fun Squishmallow Coloring Pages! The virtual field trip to the forest and these Squishmallow coloring pages are perfect (and quiet) rainy day or after school activities.

free coloring page with squishmallow animals

So how do you start? By choosing whatever activity you want from this best Spanish resource list. But choosing the activity your kids will like the most increases their engagement.  Each activity includes must-know Spanish vocabulary like weather, clothing, and high-frequency verbs to be able to talk to people. 

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