7 Free Christmas Activities for Kids in Spanish

Are you looking for fun, educational activities for your kids this holiday break? Then check out these 7 Christmas activities for kids in Spanish to help them learn basic Spanish words easily plus keep them busy for hours! No Spanish experience needed. 🙌

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Los villancicos – Christmas Carols

1. Spotify Playlist

One of the most fun ways to learn Spanish is from listening to Christmas carols! Click the link for this Spotify playlist with familiar & traditional Christmas carols!

Videos – Easy Christmas Activities for Kids in Spanish at Home

These videos are interactive and easy Christmas activities for kids in Spanish and one of the best ways for kids to start learning basic Spanish words!

2. Savannah y Santa – A Spanish Story for Kids

In this story about Santa visiting a girl named Savannah, your kids get to choose the ending the want to see.

3. Common Holiday Words in Spanish

Your kids can learn common words in Spanish like ornaments, Christmas tree, reindeer, and more from looking at the pictures and repeating after me.

4. Easy Conversation in Spanish about Christmas

In this video your kids and I can talk in Spanish about Christmas with simple questions. Pictures and Spanish / English words are on the screen to make this easy for anyone to understand!

Coloring Pages & Other Printables (the Best No-Mess Christmas Activities for Kids!)

Coloring pages are a great screen-free activity that are both fun & educational! Plus, there’s no mess to clean up afterward.

Your kids can keep learning both holiday vocabulary in Spanish plus verbs with these activities!

5. Spanish Christmas Coloring Book

In this coloring book, your kids will learn several important verbs plus start practicing how to spot cognates – both of which will help your kids speak Spanish better!

6. Spanish Christmas Funbook

In this funbook, your kids can learn numbers & colors as well as holiday vocabulary with a variety of activities like a crossword, Odd One Out, and a scavenger hunt!

7. The Christmas Story Coloring Book in Spanish & English

This coloring book tells the true story about Christmas – Jesus’ birth. It’s in Spanish and English so anyone can understand it.

The Christmas story is the basis for a Christmas tradition in Mexico called Las posadas. (Click this link for more info and activities about Las posadas.)

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