1 Free, Fun Activity to Practice Spanish (with the Best Treat Ever!)

This fun activity to practice Spanish includes making Rice Krispie Treats. Rice Krispie Treats! 😍😋

But I don’t say those words out loud. Because when I do? They disappear in a nanosecond. Does this happen to you?

You slave over the stove mixing the butter, marshmallows, and Rice Krispies together (that’s no joke to stir – it’s like cement). Then carefully scrape the mixture into the buttered baking pan.

You turn around to put the pan in the sink with your back to the Rice Krispie mixture for one second. Just one. And when you turn around? There’s nothing but crumbs.*

Or maybe that’s just my house.🤷‍♀️

How to Do a Fun Activity to Practice Spanish

Rice Krispie Treats are our family’s favorite and perfect for any time of the year since they can be molded into so many shapes.

So when I saw cute nests made out of Rice Krispies Treats for Easter, my youngest Aidan, and I decided to make some together. And I made a video of it to give your kids an engaging activity and help them start speaking a phrase in Spanish.

Click the video because then kids can learn Spanish while having fun. Any time of year – don’t wait for Easter to roll around to do this.

What Vocabulary Is Used for This Fun Activity to Practice Spanish?

I use some cooking vocabulary to introduce kids to it, but the focus of the video is the word tengo which means “I have.” It comes from the verb tener (to have) – one of the top 10 verbs in Spanish.

Tengo is a must-know for speaking Spanish. It’s language kids need and makes it possible to communicate with others. And it’s easy to use every day – giving your kids a solid first step to learning Spanish now instead of later (like most kids).

To make the video easy to understand, some vocabulary (like tengo) is on the screen in the video. I also point to things as I’m saying them.

You can also print this PDF with the vocabulary list.

Click the video because then kids can learn Spanish while having fun. Any time of year – don’t wait for Easter to roll around to do this.

image of supplies and ingredients to make the rice krispie nests - a fun Spanish listening activity for kids
Here are the ingredients and supplies needed.

Script for the Spanish Video

The script for the video is below. I’d call it a transcript, but I said some extra things in the video not on the script.

(Not gonna lie, I’m sick of hearing myself after editing the video so didn’t want to listen to it again to figure out what else I said and where to add it to the script😂.)


Voy a hacer unos nidos con huevos. Los huevos son dulces.

Tengo cinco ingredientes para hacer los nidos. Tengo seis tazas de Rice krispies. Tengo tres cucharadas de mantequilla, y tengo cinco tazas y media de malvaviscos para hacer los nidos.

Tengo chocolates y gomitas para los huevos.

Tengo una sartén y una cuchara para hacer los nidos de Rice Krispies.

Tengo un cuarto de taza, otra cuchara y una sartén para panquesitos para hacer los nidos.

¡Estoy lista para hacer los nidos de Rice Krispie!

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Pongo la mantequilla en la sartén para derretir la mantequilla.

Ahora pongo los malvaviscos en la sartén para derretirlos con la mantequilla.

Mezclo la mantequilla y los malvaviscos.

Ahora pongo el cereal en la sartén y lo mezclo con la mantequila y los malvaviscos.

Con el cuarto de taza, pongo el cereal en la sartén para panquesitos.

Presiono el cereal en la sartén con una cuchara.

Ahora tengo un nido.

Tengo tres nidos y tengo chocolates y gomitas. Pongo tres chocolates en un nido. Pongo tres gomitas en otro nido, y pongo un chocolate y dos gomitas en el último nido.

Tengo tres nidos con huevos.

¡Hasta luego!

image of 3 rice krispie nests with candies in them for eggs
My nidos (nests) with Whopper’s Robin Eggs – love those things – and a Peep. Not sure how I feel about Peeps…

Next Steps After Video

Here’s what to do after watching the video:

  1. Print the vocabulary list and put it in a place that’s easy to see.
  2. Say tengo when you’re making this. I made the font for tengo big to make it easier to see. For example, you and your kids can say: Tengo Rice Krispies (or whatever other ingredient/cooking item) as you’re gathering the supplies.
  3. Encourage – don’t force – your kids to start saying tengo with items they have each day. Even if they don’t know the Spanish word for the item. For example: Tengo a book.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t know the Spanish word for whatever they have. Combining what they know in Spanish (tengo) and English is called code switching and helps kids speak Spanish faster.

Plus, it’ll help build their confidence with Spanish and make speaking it more fun.

So have your kids watch the video with a fun activity to practice Spanish! It shows how to make los nidos de Rice Krispies (Rice Krispie nests) and learn the verb tengo – a must-know Spanish word. Then follow the instructions above and hear them speak Spanish using tengo!

P.S. If you make these nests with your kids, please take a picture and tag me on Instagram @SpanishSchoolForKids because I’d absolutely love to see them!

*I’ve learned my lesson. I no longer bother with the buttered pan. I just lay out parchment paper on the counter before making the Rice Krispie mixture and then scrape the mixture willy-nilly onto it. I immediately grab pieces for myself before anyone else can touch it.

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