3 Free Spanish Valentine Coloring Pages to Start Learning Spanish 💗

Are you looking for an easy way to introduce Spanish to your kids AND keep them busy for a few minutes of quiet? If so, then check out my Spanish Valentine coloring pages!

Spanish Valentine Coloring Pack

As soon as Valentine’s Day rolls around, my students start asking me to make valentines in class and how to say Valentine’s Day phrases in Spanish. Since my students are high schoolers, they want to know romantic phrases. My oldest at this point would want to know those too, but my younger kid still thinks girls have cooties.

Spanish-speakers call Valentine’s Day either El Día de San Valentín or El Día del Amor y la Amistad. The second phrase is literally “The Day of Love and Friendship.” I decided to focus the phrases on friendship for these coloring sheets since friendship phrases are more appropriate for kids.

spanish valentine coloring pages

I’ve included 3 coloring sheets and a vocabulary list of the phrases in both Spanish and English. One coloring sheet has the Spanish phrases below and is more traditional with hearts. The second one has hearts but is more toned down and has Feliz Día de San Valentín (Happy Valentine’s Day). The third one has the phrases below and has a comic book theme in case your kids aren’t into hearts.

picture of spanish valentine coloring page with hearts and spanish phrases for Valentine's Day
This is the more traditional Valentine’s coloring page with hearts and Spanish phrases.

The phrases include:

El Día de San Valentín – Valentine’s Day

eres amable – you’re kind/nice

te quiero – I love you

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amigos – friends

un abrazo – a hug

un beso – a kiss

eres genial – you’re cool/awesome

spanish valentine coloring sheet with spanish valentine's day phrases with a comic book feel instead of hearts
This coloring sheet has the Spanish phrases too and is a good choice for kids who aren’t into hearts.

There are two ways to say “I love you” in Spanish: te quiero and te amo. I was taught te quiero is “I love you” for friends and family (not for romantic relationships) and te amo is for romantic relationships. This is a great blog post on te quiero versus te amo.

spanish coloring sheet with spanish valentine phrase
This is the third coloring sheet.

The phrases “you’re…” include one of the most-commonly used verbs in Spanish eres which means “you are” (for physical and personality descriptions). Seeing this phrase in context with Valentine’s Day Spanish phrases will help your kids understand the vocabulary better which can be a great start to learning Spanish!

If you’re interested in helping your kids speak Spanish, check out my Spanish for Kids Starter Guide. These Spanish Valentine coloring pages are a perfect way to introduce your kids to Spanish. Download the coloring pages and start learning Valentine’s Day phrases in Spanish today!

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