2 Free Spanish Worksheets about Family + Video

Want an easy way to help your kids learn family vocabulary in Spanish? Then these 2 free Spanish worksheets about family and video describing family are just what you need!

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What Vocabulary Is in the Free Spanish Worksheets about Family?

My mom and her friends did NOT want to be called grandma when grandbabies arrived. At least not in English. 

Because what do their grandkids call them now?

Yia yia – Grandma in Greek

Mummi – Grandma in Finnish 

Nonna – Grandma in Italian 


I should’ve suggested abuela or abuelita when she was researching a name. I was so sick with my oldest, though, I couldn’t think of anything else. 

Whatever your kids call your parents, I have activities to help them learn family vocabulary in Spanish:

👴👵 grandparents

👨‍🦰👩 parents

👧👶 siblings

GIF with images from a live Spanish class to create a mythical creature

1st Worksheet: Coloring

The first worksheet is a coloring page with Roblox-style people. There are grandparents, parents, and siblings for kids to color.

image of coloring page from free Spanish worksheets about family with pictures of the family and labeled in Spanish and English

It’s also labeled in Spanish and English so kids will know what each word means through words and pictures.

2nd Worksheet: Matching

The second worksheet is a matching activity. It has pictures of the family members with the words in Spanish so kids can draw a line from the person to the Spanish word for that member of the family.

image of Spanish worksheet with matching pictures of family members to words

Click the link because you’ll get these 2 free Spanish worksheets about family.

Plus a Video in Spanish about Family

I also created a short video that describes a family in Spanish, so your kids can hear how to say all the words correctly. 

The video includes the family vocabulary in Spanish + the verb hay which means “there is/there are.” This is a must-know verb and the easiest way to get your kids speaking Spanish in complete sentences!

The words are in Spanish and English on the screen so kids can follow along with what I’m saying with words and pictures (like the coloring page).

After the description, there are some comprehension questions too.

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Maybe your kids can surprise your parents with learning Spanish by calling them abuelo and abuela next time your kids talk to them. 

It’s easy to get started so they can do that! Click this link for the video and have your kids watch it to hear how to say the words. Then click this link for the 2 Spanish worksheets about family. Have your kids color the coloring page and complete the matching activity.

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