How to Use a Fun Learning Activity in Spanish – Cooking! – to Learn These 2 Words

Have you wondered how to help your kids start learning Spanish easily – especially if they haven’t wanted to? Then use this fun learning activity in Spanish because your kids will learn these 2 basic Spanish words – tengo and pongo – without even knowing they’re learning! And no Spanish experience is need to do this because I include Spanish / English captions of the verbs and lots of pointing to the things I’m using to make this understandable.

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Cooking: A Fun Learning Activity in Spanish 

This activity is so easy and fun and perfect for anytime of the year: rainy days, after school, spring break, summer break, winter break, and snow day any other time you want an educational & engaging activity for your kids.

If your kids are old enough to cook, just give them this video and the ingredients and let them make it. If your kids are younger, or you want a fun way to hang out with your kids, then this is a great activity for quality family time. 

While this is a fun activity, it’s also educational because your kids will learn 2 important Spanish verbs: pongo (I put/I’m putting) and tengo (I have) to be able to communicate better. Tengo in particular is a must-know– it’s on the top 10 list of most used Spanish verbs.

Plus, your kids will start learning some food and cooking vocabulary which are also useful words.

4 pictures from the video showing how to make the dip

Why This Instead of Making S’mores with a Campfire?

Typical scene from making s’mores in the Pacific Northwest:

We’re chilling around the campfire when, suddenly, everyone scatters to the yurts. Well, everyone but me and my friend.

Me, staring at my marshmallow while I slowly rotate it over glowing, red coals: Where’d everybody go?

My friend, smashing her golden, gooey marshmallow with chocolate between graham crackers: I dunno.

Turns out a little bit of rain – actually a downpour -can’t get in our way of making s’mores. Dripping wet clothes? Totally worth it for a s’more.

But when I saw a picture on Instagram of something called s’more dip, it was love at first sight. Especially when I realized I didn’t have to be dripping wet to make one!

I didn’t see a recipe, so I made one based on what I saw, and I had to turn it into a fun learning activity in Spanish for your kids. 

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How to Do This Fun Learning Activity in Spanish

This is easy to double, triple, etc. depending on how many servings you want to make.

For one serving (which is what I show in the video) you’ll need:

  • ½ tsp. of butter
  • 2 marshmallows
  • 3 pieces of chocolate (like the little rectangles from a Hershey’s bar)
  • 1 graham cracker (full size with 8 little rectangles)
  • 3 oz ramekin (or other small oven proof dish)
  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Oven mitt
  • Paper towel

Why Your Kids Should Do This Fun Learning Activity in Spanish

Click the video because watching it is a triple win:

🏆 Eating smores anytime we want.

🏆 Having clean hands – is it me or is melted marshmallow like glue?

🏆 Teaching your kids 2 commonly used Spanish verbs with an engaging activity.

Number 3 is the best win, of course. You and your kids can follow along with me to make the s’mores dip while learning useful Spanish words. 

I should say it’s a quadruple win because it’s a fun say to spend time with your kids that doesn’t involve a huge mess.

Encourage your kids to say words after me while they’re following the steps of the recipe to start speaking Spanish because this will give them confidence with Spanish.

You can do this recipe whether your culinary skills resemble Julia Childs or Snoopy’s at Thanksgiving. It takes minimal cooking equipment – all of which you probably have – and only 4 ingredients.

A few notes:

🍫 I said 1 tsp of butter in the video, but ½ tsp is plenty.

🍫 I didn’t say how many servings, but I consider it 1 serving. I’d be eating at least that many marshmallows and chocolates if I were making regular s’mores.

🍫 I include captions of the verbs to make it easy to understand.

(Loose) Transcript of Video

I should say this is the script for the video. I probably didn’t follow it exactly, but it gives you an idea of what I was saying in case you want to see the words for things I was pointing at.

Voy a hacer la salsa de s’mores. 

Tengo cuatro ingredientes para la salsa. Tengo tres chocolates. Tengo dos malvaviscos. Tengo mantequilla. Y tengo las galletas graham.

Tengo una tabla de cortar y un cuchillo para cortar los malvaviscos. 

Para la salsa, tengo un tazón de cuatro onzas. Tengo una cucharita. Tengo una toalla de papel para poner la mantequilla en el tazón. Tengo una manopla. 

¡Estoy lista para hacer la salsa de s’mores!

La primera etapa: enciendo la parrilla. 

La segunda etapa: pongo la cucharadita de mantequilla en la toalla de papel y pongo la mantequilla en el tazón. 

La tercera etapa: corto los malvaviscos por la mitad.

La cuarta etapa: pongo los chocolates en el tazón y pongo el tazón en el horno por un minuto. 

La quinta etapa: con cuidado y la manopla, quito el tazón del horno y lo pongo en la encimera.

La sexta etapa: pongo los malvaviscos en el chocolate. 

La séptima etapa: con la manopla, pongo el tazón en el horno otra vez hasta que los malvaviscos estén dorados. 

La octava etapa: con cuidado y la manopla, quito el tazón del horno y lo pongo en la encimera. 

Entonces, puedo comer la salsa con una galleta graham.

Wondering how to start doing this fun learning activity in Spanish? 1. Gather the ingredients and materials. 2. Click the link for the video. 3. Watch the video with your kids and follow along with the steps. 

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