1 Fun, Easy Spanish Colors Audio Game🌈

You might not believe this, but I don’t really celebrate Mother’s Day. I’d rather have fun with my kids and play this Spanish colors audio game (more info below) or watch a movie with them. Something that’s easy and doesn’t make a mess.

You might be wondering why I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day. Well, I tell my kids they should appreciate me every day. 😅

Plus, breakfast in bed? Hard pass to gritty sheets from crumbs and wet blankets from spilled coffee. And then there’s the mess in the kitchen.

Who’s going to clean it? Not the kids.

an image with colors on it for a fun Spanish colors audio game and the title 1 Easy (and Fun!) Way to Help Your Kids Learn Spanish

What’s a Fun, Easy Spanish Colors Audio Game?

One game my kids love is called Matamoscas (Flyswatter). It’s all about smacking things so what kid wouldn’t love that?

If you like to play games with your kids, I have a video with Matamoscas for you to play with them and practice the colors in Spanish:

How to Play Matamoscas

The video includes instructions but if you’re like me and prefer to read, here they are:

1. You’ll need construction paper in these colors:
rojo – red
anaranjado – orange
amarillo – yellow
verde – green
azul – blue
morado – purple
rosado – pink
gris – grey
café – brown
blanco – white
negro – black

(I realize the color black in Spanish is something offensive in English, but keep in mind this is a different language and it just means the color. It’s also pronounced differently as you’ll hear in the video).

2. If your kids don’t know the colors in Spanish yet, print this list for them:

3. If you have two clean flyswatters, grab those. If not, kids can use their hands.

4. Lay the construction paper out in a grid on the floor or table or tape them to a wall.

We don’t have a good wall, so I use the table.

an image of my kids playing matamoscas with colors on a table
My kids playing Matamoscas on our coffee table.

5. Have kids sit an equal distance from the construction paper.

6. Tell kids when they hear me say a color in the video, they need to be the first to slap the construction paper in that color. The person who slaps it first, gets a point for that round.

Players only get one chance to slap a piece of paper per round. So if someone slaps the wrong color, then they don’t get another chance.

7. Whoever has the most points at the end, wins!

8. I play two games of this on the video.

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What If You Don’t Like Playing Games?

Or if you’re like my mom and hate games, just have your kids play with each other! You can have some peace (it won’t be quiet lol) while they play.

Because how great would it be if your kids started speaking Spanish and could talk to their abuelitas en Español on Mother’s Day (or any other day of the year)?

Even if your family doesn’t speak Spanish, more than 43 million people in the US do. Having your kids learn Spanish now can improve our communities because we’ll be able to communicate with each other better.

Learning Spanish well enough to speak doesn’t happen overnight, so the sooner your kids start the better.

And starting with an easy and fun activity, like playing a fun Spanish colors audio game like Matamoscas, is the perfect first step if your kids don’t know any Spanish yet.

What if your kids already know the colors in Spanish? Playing a game to practice Spanish will show your kids learning Spanish can be fun.

They’ll be more likely to want to continue Spanish if they have fun doing it. Especially if they haven’t enjoyed Spanish in the past thanks to boring activities.

So if you want to help your kids speak Spanish with family or people in your community, have them start with a fun Spanish colors audio game like Matamoscas because it’s a fun and easy game! Just click the video above to play it today.

P.S. How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? You should tell me in the comments below!

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