What Is the Most Fun Way to Start Learning Spanish?

This virtual field trip to the beach is a fun way to start learning Spanish! Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be boring. It should be fun and can be with fun Spanish activities like exploring a beach. 🙌

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Interactive Spanish Activities: The Most Fun Way to Start Learning Spanish

It’s last summer. My friend, who moved from Pennsylvania to Washington, and I plan a trip to a beach here in Washington. 

On the day we’re leaving, I get to her house, and she comes out to the car. 

My friend dressed in: 🩱🕶🩴

Me dressed in: 🧤🧥🥾

Us looking at each other: 😶

Me: oops, I forgot to tell you…we don’t swim at beaches here. 

My friend: Then what are we going to do?

Me: Explore! 

The water is freezing here, and the temp high is 75 degrees if you’re lucky. So the 5 people you see in the water have wet suits or dry suits on. And are surfing. Nobody swims in the ocean at a Washington beach. 

But if you go to the northern beaches, you can:

🦀 explore tide pools (I ❤️ finding anemones and crabs as you’ll see in the video 😂)

🦀 see animals like seals, otters, eagles and sometimes whales

🦀 build driftwood forts or sandcastles

Just don’t forget your coat and sturdy shoes! 😆

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Your kids don’t need their coats (or even a beach!) to go to on this virtual field trip to the beach with me. They’ll learn beach vocabulary including 12 beach animals and 3 must-know Spanish verbs:

  1. hay (there is /there are)
  2. viven (they are)
  3. son (they are)

How to Make This Interactive

Here are a few ideas to make this video interactive:

1. Encourage your kids to say the Spanish words after me. (Don’t force it, though. If they really don’t want to, just leave it be.)

2. Give your kids a piece of paper and pencil and have them write these animals on it:

  • la gaviota
  • la estrella de mar
  • el cangrejo
  • la anémona
  • el balano
  • el pepino de mar
  • la ostra
  • el erizo
  • el mejillón
  • la almeja
  • el caracol marino
  • el sol de mar

Then have your kids look for these animals while they watch the video. They can write the English translation on their paper or draw a picture of the animal and cross the animal off of their list when they see it. They could even count how many of each animal they see.

3. Have them do the little quiz at the end. They can either say the answers out loud or write the answer on their paper.

Can Your Kids Use This Fun Way to Start Learning Spanish?

Yes! Even if your kids don’t know any Spanish (yet), they’ll be able to understand what I’m saying because the video includes subtitles in Spanish and English. And I point to animals and the other things on the beach as I name them.

There’s lots of repetition for the verbs as I describe the different animals and a little quiz at the end to see what kids can remember. This quiz is very low-key and multiple choice so your kids should do well on it and boost their confidence!

When Can Your Kids Do This Activity?

Anytime! You don’t need good weather or even a beach. 🙌 Click this link because your kids can do a fun nature activity with me + learn Spanish! 

Have your kids watch the video and take a virtual field trip with me to the beach because it’s a fun way to start learning Spanish! And you’ll hear them speaking Spanish & see them using their brains, so they’ll be ready for college and jobs! Unlike most kids wasting away the summer with too much Roblox. Make sure to share this with others by saving the pin and clicking the button to share on Facebook!

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