If you use the flashcards, there are several games you can play with them. I have included game instructions for Peces (Go Fish), Memoria (Memory), and Matamoscas (Flyswatter).

Ve a pescar (Go Fish) 🎣

These instructions are how my family plays. I know there are variations, so adjust these instructions for how your family plays! 😊

Materials Needed:

3 sets of flashcards* (There is a printable for flashcards for each lesson.) You can also play with just 2 sets, but I find that too easy and boring (and already hate this game 😂), so I make my kids play with 3 sets.

How to Play:

1. Shuffle (or mix up) the cards.

2. Deal 7 cards to each player.

3. Place the rest of the cards in the middle of the players. I like to spread the cards out so it looks more like a lake (instead of putting them into a neat pile).

4. First player chooses another player and asks if that player has a card (that matches the first player’s hand). A player cannot ask for a card they don’t already have in their hand.

For example: If I have a flashcard with a dinosaur, then I choose one person and ask, “¿Tienes un dinosaurio?”

5. If the other player doesn’t have the card the first player asked for, then the other player says, “Ve a pescar.” The first player then “goes fishing” by taking a card from the pile of cards in the middle. If the card matches a card already in the player’s hand, they can put it down as a match. The first player’s turn is then over.

But if the other player does have that card or cards, then the other player has to give the card(s) to the first player.

For example: If I asked Johnny if he has a dinosaur, and he does then he has to give me the card. If he has 2 dinosaurs, then he has to give me both cards.

The first player takes the card(s) and puts the card from his/her hand with the cards from the other player in front of him/her as a match. The first player can then take another turn and ask another player for a different card repeating step 4 until he/she has to go fish.

peces game instructions
Aidan, Alex, and I played Ve a pescar with flashcards.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all cards are gone. When there aren’t any cards left in the pile (or the “lake”) then play continues with what’s left in players’ hands.

How to Win:

The person with the most cards wins the game.

*I highly recommend combining flashcards from multiple lessons. Otherwise, there might not be enough cards for the game to go beyond three turns.

Memoria (Memory) 🤔

Materials Needed:

2 sets of flashcards (There is a printable for flashcards for each lesson.)

How to Play:

1. Place cards face down and mix them up so no one knows which card is which.

2. Then make rows with the cards.

3. First player turns over two cards.

memory game in spanish
Aidan and I play Memoria a lot. He loves this game! These cards match, so Aidan got to keep them.

4. If the cards match, then the player keeps them and turns over two more cards for another turn. If the cards do not match, then player turns the two cards face down again, and the turn is over.

5. Next player follows steps 3 and 4.

6. Play continues until all cards have been matched.

How to Win:

The person with the most pairs wins.

Matamoscas (Flyswatter)

This game is best with big pictures/illustrations. I usually use an 8×11 piece of paper per picture/illustration when I play with my students. You can use the flashcards, but it might be a little more challenging because the flashcards are small.

Materials Needed:

1 set of flashcards or larger pictures/illustrations (There is a printable for flashcards for each lesson.)


2 Flyswatters

How to Play:

1. Tape the flashcards or pictures to a wall in columns and rows to make a square or rectangle. If using the flashcards, make sure there is a bit of space in between the flashcards. If the flashcards are too close together, it might be difficult to tell which flashcard a player has hit.

set up for flyswatter game instructions
Flashcards taped to the wall.

If you don’t have wall space to play Matamoscas, you can place the flashcards/pictures on a table or the floor.

2. Make 2 teams. (I have 2 kids so they just competed against each other.)

3. Give one person from each team a flyswatter and have them stand an equal distance from the paper.

4. Say a word/phrase in Spanish to describe one of the pictures.

For example: If playing with the time flashcards, then say Son las cinco.

5. Both kids should try to hit the correct flashcard or picture first with the flyswatter. Whoever has the flyswatter on the correct flashcard or picture first, wins a point.

flyswatter example
Hitting the 5:00 flashcard after hearing “Son las cinco.”

For example: If you said Son las cinco, then the kids should try to hit the flashcard with 5:00.

6. There is only one chance to hit the correct flashcard or picture each round.

For example: If you say Son las cinco and one person hits 1:00 then that person cannot try to hit another flashcard during that round.

7. If playing with more than 2 kids, rotate through the kids and repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have said a vocabulary word or phrase for each flashcard or picture. You can keep playing and repeat flashcards or pictures if your kids are still interested.

How to Win:

The team with the most points wins the game.

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