How to Practice 1-100 in Spanish – Free and Fun

It’s the 80s: my brother and I are hitting, yelling, and then nicely playing games together. To honor siblings, here’s how to practice 1-100 in Spanish with 3 games because of National Siblings Day (April 10th), and so your kids can play together to start speaking Spanish.


National Siblings Day and How to Practice 1-100 in Spanish

Since Nintendo Switches, Xbox, and iPhones didn’t exist when my brother and I were growing up, games like Sorry, Life, Go Fish (ugh), and Speed were a major source of our entertainment.

(Just in case you think my mom allowed my brother and me to hit and yell, she did not. We were sneaky about it and made sure to hide our fighting so we wouldn’t get in trouble. When my brother and I were adults, all the secrets spilled out. My poor mom was shocked when she found out how much fighting we did.)

But we were nice to each other when playing games and we had fun together. I want my kids (and yours) to have fond memories of playing games together too. And since we want our kids to learn Spanish, I made games so your kids will know how to practice 1-100 in Spanish.

It’s a triple win:

  1. Your kids will develop a closer relationship by spending time together and having fun.
  2. They’ll create more opportunities for their future selves from learning Spanish.
  3. You’ll get to finish drinking your coffee – while it’s still hot 🤯- when they’re watching the video to play Matamoscas.
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4 Steps for How to Practice 1-100 in Spanish

👆 Click this link because then you’ll get the PDFs of the game cards + instructions + vocabulary lists + videos.

image with items for how to practice 1-100 in Spanish

🖨️ Print the game cards and the instructions + vocabulary lists.

The instructions explain in more detail, but you can use the cards for Memoria (Memory), Ve a pescar (Go Fish – my least favorite game😆), and Matamoscas (Flyswatter).

👀 Have your kids watch the pronunciation video for the numbers if they don’t know the numbers yet.

▶️ Then your kids can watch the Matamoscas video and play it with me.

Matamoscas is easy to play and lots of fun! I give directions in the video for how to play and there are written directions in the instructions PDF. You can also find the instructions on this page.

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Disaster 😂

If putting your kids together with flyswatters sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, then you can have them use the video as an individual listening activity. The last time my kids and I played Matamoscas together, they ran around the living room hitting each other. I thought for sure the game was out the window, but they settled down and we were able to play.

And if you don’t have flyswatters (or don’t want to use them), kids can always just use their hands like we did in the photo above.

Does your family like Go Fish or Memory? Or both? If so, you and your kids can play those games too. Again. And again. And again (if your kids are anything like mine). Or just tell your kids to play the games together (it is National Siblings Day after all), so you can catch up on Bridgerton. Season 2 is out!

I also included links to Quizlet sets so your kids can practice with digital flashcards and games on Quizlet.

So click on this link to download the instructions, game cards, and vocabulary list because that’s how to practice 1-100 in Spanish. Then you’ll see your kids playing together, having fun learning Spanish, AND hearing them speak it!

P.S. Did you grab my (free) Spanish Spring Funbook yet? If not, click here to download it. It has 10 activities so kids can start speaking Spanish with spring vocabulary now (instead of waiting to learn Spanish when they’re older like everyone else).

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