Your Kids Can Use 4 Easy Activities to Learn Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation

Are you looking for fun & easy activities for your kids to learn basic Spanish words with pronunciation? Then check out these 4 activities! Your kids will learn weather phrases for every time of the year!

image with 2 coloring pages with weather pictures and phrases in spanish and english

How Your Kids Can Learn Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation

This interactive video has 2 games in Spanish to practice weather & clothing so kids can hear how to say the words – the best way to learn basic Spanish words with pronunciation.

The two games are Memory and Odd One Out. I don’t call it Odd One Out in the video – there isn’t a good direct translation so it’s called ¿Cuál es el intruso? (Which one is the intruder?).

Click the video and have your kids play the games because they’ll learn common and useful phrases for having conversations with others!

How to Play the First Game: Memory

This version of Memory shows 3 cards with weather phrases in Spanish and pictures of the phrase for 10 seconds and kids have to remember where each phrase is. The pictures will help your kids know what each phrase means, and I say it so they can hear how to pronounce each phrase.

When the timer is up, the cards flip over so kids can’t see the weather. Then kids are asked what number is one of the weather phrases in Spanish. They need to see if they can remember which card has the weather phrase being asked for.

GIF with images from a live Spanish class to create a mythical creature

How to Play the Second Game: Odd One Out

Odd One Out has a weather phrase with picture and then 3 clothing items – 2 of the clothing items make sense to wear with the weather and one doesn’t. Kids choose the one that doesn’t fit.

There are pictures for everything and I say all the words so kids can continue to learn basic Spanish words with pronunciation – clothing & weather are important!

This game should be easy because kids won’t even need to know the Spanish phrases to play because of the pictures on the screen so they should easily be able to win which will boost their confidence with learning Spanish!

Weather & Clothing in Spanish

Once your kids know some weather phrases from the games, they can start learning clothing while they keep practicing weather with this easy Spanish conversation for kids:

I ask questions about what clothing is the best clothing to wear based on the weather. Vocabulary words and pictures help your kids understand what I’m saying!

Coloring Pages in Spanish – the Best Way to Keep Practicing!

There are 2 coloring pages with 7 of the most common weather phrases kids need to know. Plus 1 that may not be common where you live but seems to be fun for kids to know.

image of coloring page with 4 phrases in Spanish and English

The coloring pages include the Spanish & English phrases with each picture. Not only is this a fun activity for kids but it’s also a reading activity and a perfect follow up after the games when they’ve heard the words pronounced.

image with 4 pictures of weather with Spanish & English phrases
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Your kids can start using these activities right away even if ya’ll don’t know Spanish! (Or save them for a rainy day!) Just click the link and have your kids play the 2 games with me to learn basic Spanish words with pronunciation. After they play the games, have them color the coloring pages and practice saying the weather phrases in Spanish. And just like that your kids are speaking Spanish without even knowing they’re learning!

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