How to Easily Start Learning Spanish Vocabulary for Beginners

It’s easy to start learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners with the right activities! Learning Spanish for kids has never been more fun when you use the right activities like games, coloring pages, and interactive videos (like a virtual field trip and making a yummy snack)!


How to Help Your Kids Start Learning Spanish Vocabulary for Beginners

Learning Spanish phrases with common words will help your kids learn & speak Spanish.

When your kids start learning Spanish, resources with engaging activities + understandable Spanish with basic Spanish vocabulary are musts.

So where do you start when helping your kids with learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners? With Spanish vocabulary activities like the ones you’ll find here!

Use These 11 Engaging Activities to Start Learning Spanish Easily

Below are a variety of engaging activities like

🎯 games to learn Spanish

🖍️ Spanish vocabulary printables (including coloring pages!)

🖥️ videos in Spanish

…to help your kids start learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners, so they can speak Spanish with others!

Say adiós to boring conjugation charts. Learning Spanish verbs has never been easier or more fun.

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Virtual Beach Field Trip with a Spanish Learning YouTube Video

When your kids are learning Spanish videos are one of the best ways to start because they’ll be able to listen to Spanish. This video has images as well as the words in Spanish and English on the screen making it easy for everyone to understand!

Your kids will be learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners as well: beach animals and the verb hay (there is/there are).

Drawing and Coloring Ice Cream – Learning Spanish for Kids Art

This is another video with important Spanish vocabulary for beginners: hago (I make). Your kids can follow along and draw an ice cream cone with me.

Or if they don’t want to draw, they can use these coloring pages and learn ice cream and ice cream flavors in Spanish.

image with 3 pages of the pdf to start learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners

When your kids are learning Spanish worksheets are another great way to help them learn useful words.

Important Spanish Vocabulary for Kids: Family

Learning family vocabulary in Spanish is a great place to start because kids can personalize what they’re learning. And family words are common Spanish words for kids.

Start by having your kids watch this animated video about a Roblox-inspired family to hear how to say the words.

Your kids will learn family vocabulary plus important verbs so they can learn how to say sentences. When learning Spanish sentences are important so your kids can communicate better.

Then have your kids use these Spanish worksheets for kids printables to continue practicing family vocabulary with reading practice.

coloring page with family members and labels of family members in Spanish

An Engaging & Interactive Learning Spanish Vocabulary Activity: TPR

Total Physical Response (TPR) is the best activity for kids who can’t sit still!

This is how it works: Kids will listen to the Spanish phrases while watching me do the actions. Then kids will do the actions and say the phrases with me.

This is one of the best ways for kids to start learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners because it’s not only engaging, but it’s also hands on.

Plus, when your kids are learning Spanish easy activities like these are a must!

In this video, I teach common weather expressions (must-knows for having conversations with people).

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Easy Conversation with 3 Important Verbs

When learning Spanish lessons that include conversations are very important for kids learning how to communicate with other people.

In this video, your kids and I have a conversation together to learn 3 important verbs. There are pictures and the Spanish and English phrases are on the screen to make the conversation easy to understand and reply to.

Spanish Story – an Awesome Way to Learn Spanish for Kids

Another activity that needs to be included in Spanish lessons? Stories! Kids will learn common Spanish vocabulary and verbs with stories because they’ll hear Spanish in context.

This animated story is about a boy named Felipe who wants donuts but doesn’t have any.

Will there be a happy ending for Felipe? Have your kids watch this video to find out!

Make a Snack and Learn Spanish Cooking Vocabulary

This easy snack is a fun way to help your kids learn Spanish especially if they’re reluctant about learning it.

We make blue Jell-o together to make a sky, add whipped cream for the clouds, and then rainbow gummies to make a pretty looking and delicious sky snack.

Guess the Sound & Learn Common Spanish Words

When learning Spanish games are another must! Perfect for kids who want to learn Spanish and even better for kids who aren’t on board yet. This video includes two Spanish games: Guess the Sound and Memory.

Both games practice beach and forest vocabulary including animals. Always fun Spanish words for kids to learn!

When learning Spanish kids should have a variety of engaging activities that also teach useful and common Spanish words. Learning Spanish vocabulary for beginners is the best way to help your kids speak Spanish and be able to talk with others.

And the above activities focus on beginner words in Spanish! And there a lot of different types of activities to choose from.

If you’re not sure where to start, choose the activities your kids would like to do the most!


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