4 Free Printable Coloring Pages with Words in Spanish

These 4 free printable coloring pages with words in Spanish will help your kids learn important vocabulary in Spanish to help them communicate better with others. Plus, there’s a video so they can draw their own and learn even more must-know vocabulary!

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4 Free Printable Coloring Pages with Words in Spanish (& Video!) Every Kid Needs to Know

Where did these donut printable coloring pages and drawing video in Spanish come from? Well…

While running errands I see a donut shop called Dude’s Donuts. Cute name and only sells donuts? Yes, please. I check it out even though it’s afternoon so know what every donut lover knows: I’m going to see an almost empty case.  

Sure enough, I only see 3 cake donuts. Cake donuts with sprinkles, though, so I buy them. The guy (or should I say dude) rings me up. 

Donut Dude: That’ll be $7.

Me, in my head: wuuuut

Me, out loud: uh okay. 

And I hand over my debit card.

I’m too chicken to say, “No way, donut dude, because there should be no reason a cake donut costs more than 2 bucks. Like ever.” 

I get home with my overpriced donuts. The kids and I all grab one. And then promptly spit it out. 

Turns out they were fake donuts! Baked. Gluten-free* flour. Applesauce for sweetener. 

I’m of the firm opinion that if you want a donut, then eat a real one. Or don’t eat one at all.

How to Use Video & Printable Coloring Pages with Words in Spanish

I always want to eat a real donut, so making the video and printable coloring pages with Spanish words was rough. 😂

Click the link and have your kids watch the video and draw 4 donuts with me + learn useful Spanish words kids need to know:

🍩 Hago (I make / I’m making)

🍩 School supplies 

🍩 Sight words

Because then they’ll be able to speak Spanish with a verb and sight words, so they don’t sound like cavemen. 

If your kids like to color more than draw, click the link for these coloring pages with donuts. 

They won’t learn as much Spanish vocabulary as they will from the video, but we want your kids having fun learning any Spanish they can, right? 

And they’ll learn one of the most important words ever: dona (donut)! 😅

image of PDFS of the printable coloring pages with words in Spanish

There are sentences on each page in Spanish:

Hay una dona. There is one donut.

Hay dos donas. There are two donuts.

Hay tres donas. There are three donuts.

Hay cuatro donas. There are four donuts.

(Hay is pronounced like the letter “i” in English. Or “eye” like 👁.) 

I included hay on the coloring pages so your kids can see complete sentences which’ll help them talk to others better.

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Don’t have time right now for these? Add them to your rainy-day list. If you don’t have one, click this link and follow my Rainy-Day Activities Pinterest board.

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Hago and hay are in the top 10 list of most-commonly used verbs in Spanish. They are important to know if you want your kids to talk in Spanish – especially if you want them to talk in complete sentences! These printable coloring pages with words in Spanish and video with a drawing activity are easy for you to use and will engage your kids!

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*If you have a gluten allergy, then I totally understand the gluten-free flour. But make sure that donut has sugar! 😂

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