Then this Spanish Travel Games Bundle is just what you need! It includes:

  • 3 engaging games to get your kids speaking Spanish (and they won't even know they're learning!)
  • Easy-to-follow instructions so you can use it even if you know zero Spanish
  • Transportation, places, & nature vocabulary in Spanish (words your kids will actually use)

Best of all - it's completely FREE but only for a limited time.

image of Spanish travel game boards

“As a busy mom, I didn't have time to learn another language but loved the idea of teaching my kids Spanish. The Spanish Travel Games made it so easy! I could hear how the words were pronounced then play a favorite game with my kids. They didn't even know they were speaking another language!"

-Sarah Gibson-

photo of Nicole

When my kids were 5 and 2, I started talking to them in Spanish knowing they would learn it just like English.

This didn't go over well with my youngest. He cried every time I said anything to him in Spanish. Learning Spanish was becoming a negative experience.

Fast forward 8 years, and I decided to try again. This time I started looking for easy, fun activities to teach my kids.

Countless hours later, I still hadn't found anything fun or easy.

So I took my 15+ years of teaching experience and education as a state-certified Spanish teacher and created engaging, age-appropriate activities.

I created Spanish School for Kids so other families like yours can successfully learn Spanish too!