Then this Spanish Christmas Funbook is just what you need! It includes:

  • games, music, and coloring pages to get your kids singing, dancing, and drawing en español
  • Easy-to-follow instructions so your kids can use it even if you know zero Spanish
  • Christmas vocabulary, numbers, and colors in Spanish (words your kids will actually use)

Best of all - it's completely FREE but only for a limited time.

image of Spanish Christmas Funbook

"tons of fun games and activities"

This Spanish Christmas Funbook is amazing! It's filled with tons of fun games and activities perfect for my kids to practice their Spanish and get excited for Christmas! A huge win-win!

-Kristin Escalera-

photo of Nicole

Hi, I'm Nicole!

When my kids were 5 and 2, I started talking to them in Spanish knowing they would learn it just like English.

This didn't go over well with my youngest. He cried every time I said anything to him in Spanish. Learning Spanish was becoming a negative experience.

Fast forward 8 years, and I decided to try again. This time I started looking for easy, fun activities to teach my kids.

Countless hours later, I still hadn't found anything fun or easy.

So I took my 15+ years of teaching experience and education as a state-certified Spanish teacher and created engaging, age-appropriate activities.

I created Spanish School for Kids so other families like yours can successfully learn Spanish too!